Graphoanalysis or the study of handwriting for character analysis can be used astutely for determining compatibility of you and your significant other or of any of the following:
Parent and Child
Student and Teacher
Business Partners
Employer and Employee
We can do either: 


The general Graphoanalysis of two persons, plus a report on the compatibility of the individuals.


A comprehensive word picture of each person's personality, characteristics, abilities, etc. Reveals each one's inner desires, habits, and tendencies. Then describes how traits affect each other.

Submitting a Handwriting Sample for Personal Analysis
  1. Use your favorite ballpoint pen and a piece of white paper.
  2. Each Person write a full page about anything that interests them.
  3. Write a brief sentence giving us permission to analyze your writing.
  4. Sign your names.
  5. Indicate the service desired.
  6. Include a check for appropriate service. (Check the Analysis Price  for the approriate amount).
  7. Send mail to the address listed below.

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